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Debian Tutorial

I'm very new to the Linux world, but have found the tutorial up to Ch.
13 very useful.  I'm just curious as to when more will be done with it,
when it was started, and when it can be expected to be finished.  I'm
especially waiting for the LILO information, and had a ton of trouble
trying to learn how to dual-boot a machine using LILO.  I've just really
started exploring this stuff and won't be that far into the tutorial for
awhile, but am hoping it will be done fairly soon.

FYI, my system has two hard drives, my Win95 (FAT32) drive, and my Linux

I have partitioned the Linux drive for 3 ext2 partitions and one FAT16
partition, to install from (my entire installation was a download; I
thought it best to originally learn from this method).  However, I still
have to boot from my floppy to get Linux up and running on my machine.

Is the Debian CD bootable?  I know my CD-ROM/BIOS offers the ability.
Also, I seem to remember reading that Debian 2.0 cannot read FAT32.  Is
this true?

I appreciate your time and efforts, and hope to someday join in helping!

Kent Hayden
2nd Year Information Systems Student (3 Year Program)
Durham College
Oshawa, ON

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