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Re: translations of documentation

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 09:16:25PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Hmm.  I don't really get it -- I guess I'd like to see an example.
> What I was thinking was using SGML conditionals, i.e., 
> <![ %LANG_EN [
>   The information is here.
> ]]>
> <![ %LANG_DE [
>   Die Information ist heir.
> ]]>
This works well for areas that follow a particular format, such as
setting up formating rules for chapters, sections, etc. It also
works for data that follows well defined rules such as the vendors
section of the web pages.

It is extremely awkward if you try to have many translations of text in
the same document.

> Kinda icky, I guess.
> I think the requirements are:
>   * ability to do basic versioning, i.e., translators know which sections 
>     need to be retranslated (synopticism)
CVS provides this as long as individual files aren't too long. If the files
are too long translators need to waste a lot of time finding the areas that
changes have been made.

>   * ability to have 'non-translatable' sections, not needing translation
>   * ability to break out different languages in different files (?)
For most of what we do (long stretches of prose), this is what is needed.

>   * ability to emit the different language versions of the document
>     into properly named files (i.e., index.html.de I think)
Please use the form index.de.html as it allows apache to automatically figure
out the mime type of the file.

Jay Treacy

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