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pre-release of developers-reference for public comment

[Excuse the cross-post, please.  Follow-ups to
<debian-doc@lists.debian.org> only.  Uh, I set the Followup-to header,
is that right?]

Well, since a little bug in debiandoc-sgml is preventing me from doing
a real release of the next rev of developers-reference, I'll take this
pause as an opportunity for you all to comment on it.


Postscript or HTML versions available.  This will also naturally
propogate out to the DDP pages as the cron job there picks it up.  The
DDP pages are the best place to find the newest version; the site
under my home dir is transient.

This release does not contain the much-anticipated Porter NMU
guidelines; I wanted to get some bugs outta the way first.  That will
definately be done in the next week or two, though.  I imagine those
changes will be a little controversial, so I'm trying to get the
non-controversial stuff in for slink right now.

Anyhow, comments requested.  Either submit bugs against
<package>developers-reference</package> or just email

Changelog included below.  Hope you like it; hope you read it.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

developers-reference (2.4.99) frozen unstable; urgency=low

  * move to 3-level version number:
    top-level version number probably won't change for a whil, it is the
    "major", the second-level number means significant content changes,
    and the third-level change means corrections and minor improvements.
    Since this version has significant content changes, we are now 2.5.0.
    Since I'm going to put porter instructions in the next major rev, that
    will be 2.6.0...

  * use new <package> tag where appropriate (Ardo, you rock)
  * replace 'm86k' with 'm68k'
  * rename 'Whirlwind Tour of ...' section to 'Overview of ...' (suggested 
    by James Troup)
  * typos and "red-pen" corrections, fix cosmetic problems in PostScript
  * debian/rules: cosmetic cleanups, loosen check for root
  * debian/rules: build PostScript version during build, since it's nice
    to have all my debiandoc2* scripts together
  * debian/control: policy compliant to 2.5.0

  * advise against uploading when a package has lintian problems of
    severity 'E'
  * "Mailing Lists and Servers":
    - "The master server": mention how master is the home of the BTS;
      mention how users need to take care with their accounts on master
    - "The WWW servers": fill in www.debian.org, first pass, and discuss
      how to put up your own web pages on va or master
    - "The CVS server": new section added
    - "Mirrors of Debian servers": new section added; point to info about
       how to mirror
  * "Applying to Become a Maintainer": do not advise resending initial
    application; instead, simply mail a followup asking new maintainers
    whether they go the initial application (closes Bug #28739); mention
    that calls usually come in the evening; mention that if you use PGP
    v5, you need to generate an RSA key (right?); clarify our intentions
    with respect to GPG.
  * "Release code names": Debian 2.2 is 'potato'
  * "Distribution directories": give concrete examples, hopefully making
    it clearer where to look in Debian archives for specific stuff;
    mention that old distributions are moved to archive servers (is there
    a canonical location?)
  * "The override file": new section, added under "Notification that a new
    package has been installed"; fill it out quite a bit
  * "Uploading to *": reiterate thrice not to upload export
    controlled-software to master, or the European queues on erlangen and
  * "Picking a distribution": section broken out from "Generating the
    changes file"
  * "Uploading to frozen": new section, almost straight from Brian White
    (hope you don't mind!) -- isn't that topical?

 -- Adam P. Harris <aph@debian.org>  Mon,  9 Nov 1998 01:53:22 -0500

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