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Re: Creating Packages with DebHelper

On 11.11.1998., at 21:28, fantumn \(Steven Baker\)
<fantumn@quicklinks.on.ca> wrote: 

>Hi everyone...  In my never-ending quest to package up the Gnome CVS, I
recently remembered that debmake is depricated as of slink, however, there
is no package creation tutorial for using DebHelper.
> I was wondering if anything like this exists, or if it is in the making.
I dont consider myself to be a good packager, as I was just flying by the
seat of my pants during the recent attempts.
> What I want is either good tutorials on DebHelper, or some really good
documentation.  If I can get ahold of some documentation, and a few people
to bug with questions, I wouldn't mind writing the new tutorial myself, but
I need to know how to do it first!

Well, I intent to merge the two documents about deb-make (Debian
New maintainer HOWTO and Making a Debian Package), and rewrite
parts that explicitly depend on deb-make, and use dh_make instead.
I am a new maintainer, but I'll give my best. I contacted authors of
the documents, and they agree.

I'll post the URL (since it's going to be HTML-only for version 0.1)
as soon as I finish it all.

/*- enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/ -*/

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