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Re: DDP vs LDP -- should be DDP + LDP

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
  >In article <199811150800.IAA20706@linda.lfix.co.uk>, "Oliver Elphick" <olly@
      >lfix.co.uk> writes:
  >> One curious thing is that there seems to be no link to the Linux
  >> Documentation Project manuals anywhere in Debian.  No-one has
  >> packaged them, either.
  >What?  Are you kidding?
No.  I know about the HOWTOs and other ones you mention. I was referring to
the System Administrator's Manual and other LDP books.


  >I would say that we should provide Debian documentation for
  >Debian-specific issues, and use (and maybe help improve) LDP rather
  >than try to replace it.  That's the Debian ethic.  Let's improve
  >documentation for *all* GNU users!


  >I think we're currently working in complete isolation from the
  >maintainers of the existing pool of LDP documentation.  And I think
  >this is unacceptable.  I don't go as far as Lars in saying there's no
  >need for *any* Debian documentation.
  >But I do agree with him that the following documents should be
  >*scrapped* and effort directed towards improving the LDP where
  >necessary.  Or, if not scrapped, then written as if they were an
  >appendix to the relevant LDP or existing FAQs, i.e., only supplying
  >Debian-specific information.
  > Debian Tutorial
  > Debian User Reference Manual
  > Debian System Administrator's Manual
  > Debian Network Administrator's Manual
  >I hope I'm not insulting anyone.  But I just think that these manuals
  >are 90% non-Debian-specific, currently, and I think it's a mistake and
  >a waste of our time to not work the wider community on these
  >Does anyone agree?
  >Would someone volunteer to liason and be the point person to
  >communicate with "upstream" LDP maintainers?  Can work for the general
  >good of the LDP, as well as Debian?  
  >We also need someone to go thru the LDP stuff and increase the
  >exposure of Debian, and accuracy of any existing information about
  >Debian, in those documents.
I agree that duplication of effort is undesirable.  That does bring me
back to the original point, however, that the LDP books are not
available in Debian at all.  Is there a copyright problem?

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