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Re: debiandoc-sgml code reformatted - why ?

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

 Ian> Now, I know that I gave the package away, but it doesn't seem to me
 Ian> that the changes that have been made since then required everything to
 Ian> be reformatted.  In fact, I think it's rather rude.

	On the contrary, I find it arrogant and rude that you think
 you have that kind of right over code you gave away. When I sell my
 house,m the new owner is within their rights to apply a new coat of
 paint. In another color.

	They own the code. Their rules apply. 

 Ian> It's certainly unwise.  Supposing I hadn't bothered to get the latest
 Ian> source ?  I might have sent you a patch against 1.0.4 or something,
 Ian> which would never have applied.

	And they would have rejected your patch, and told you to get a
 new version and merge your changes in In the future, always
 check. Jeeze. Your laziness is no reason to castgate the current

 Ian> Now I have to decide whether I'm sufficiently pissed off to go back to
 Ian> the most recent version of my own and use that and send you the patch
 Ian> against that anyway, or whether I don't mind the new layout (which is
 Ian> of course in my very personal opinion horrible).

	If you are rude and arrogant enoyugh to send in the former, I
 would hope that the new maintainer reject your changes out of
 hand. Of all the pompous arrogance ...

 Ian> The more general point here is that you should not change the layout
 Ian> or organisation of someone else's code unless you have a good reason.

	If it was someone elses code -- maybe. But it is not. You gave
 the package away. Look up what giving something away means. You ARE


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