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Re: documentation which is now officially listed as 'stalled'

In article <[🔎] 87ww4xuj62.fsf@flevonet.nl>, Ardo van Rangelrooij <avrangel@flevonet.nl> writes:
>> * How to get started on a new SGML-based manual * Debian
>> Documentation Guidelines -- these should both be incorporated into
>> debiandoc-sgml manual and tossed from the page, IMHO -- would
>> involve removing debiandoc-startup and sgmltools-startup from CVS
>> area, as well as ldsample.tar.gz ddsample.tar.gz

> I'm not sure I agree the guidelines should be incorporated.  These
> have nothing to do with the debiandoc-sgml itself, but more with how
> the documentation should be written (for instance, using
> debiandoc-sgml).  If we switch to another DTD and/or set of tools,
> the guidelines should still be applicable.

Good point... we need a maintainer.

BTW, what Craig suggested on Debian Policy is good.  In other words,
(from IRC):

<craig> You may at some point want to definea debiandoc architecture, of
 | while the debiandoc DTD is a perfect implementation, but allow translation
 | from other DTDs

I think this would be really cool; you could write debiandoc documents
in docbook or whatever...  See
<URL:http://www.isogen.com/papers/archintro.html> for details. Anyhow,
something for a rainy day.

> Integrating the "How to get started ..." is a good idea.  I've
> already copied the ddsample.ta.gz as well as printed the proposed
> TOC.  I was already planning on extending the debiandoc-sgml manual,
> so this might be a good starting point.

Ok, I'll note this...  

Oliver, please go ahead and nuke the 'How to get started' and loose
tarballs, I think... right, Ardo?  You got all you need?

Ardo, one other point.  I was considering writing up a little section,
'how to use debian/changelog for automatic date and versioning'.  Do
you think this would be good?

>> Here's packages that got moved down cause there's nothing
>> substative there yet. I'm trying to more clearly distinguish
>> between ready manuals and not ready manuals, basically.  Unlike
>> stalled manuals, these really should be written, IMHO.
>> * Debian Book Suggestions

Given to Ole Jørgen Tetlie

>> * Debian META Manual 

Struck your name... Oliver, it's all yours.

>> * Debian Dictionary

Given to Lyno Sullivan

> These still have me listed as author.  Could that be made blank or
> whatever, since I orphaned them.

> This also applies to the User Reference Manual,
> the System Administrator's Manual

Given to Tapio Lehtonen 

> and the Network Administrator's Manual.

Struck you as author; Oliver is maintainer.

>> * Debiandoc-SGML Markup Manual

> Although not maintained within the DDP CVS are, it probably still
> would be nice to have it on the pages, together with the gidelines
> (see above).  Maybe we simply have to put it under the DDP CVS
> instance so I can update it when a new release of debiandoc-sgml is
> done.

If you want to do this, that would be great.  If it's going to slow
you down, don't bother.  I'd be happy to help with the initial import
of the data, or moving it from cvs area to another if you use cvs

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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