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Re: what can a non-maintainer do...

At 03:04 PM 11/14/98 -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>Or stay right here -- maybe you
>could help me out with the Installation Manual?  It needs so much
>work, I'm getting gray hairs just thinking about it. 

I would be honored to help if I can.  At the very least I can research
specific topics and write sections for review.  Please point the way.

Let me relate some of my own experience and, perhaps, you can see what I
should document first.

I went most amuck in my own progress when I got to the end of the Install
doc, finished the install, and said "so what next".  A few links to the
next docs would have been helpful.  My biggest problem was that I couldn't
find the documents that are out there.  I kept asking myself why there
wasn't a README-1ST document in the cd-rom top directory, that explained
how to get at the documentation.  Fortunately, I knew about 'cat'.  I found
'more' and eventually found 'less'.  Other than having to reboot a few
times when my screen became totally garbled, I started to find my way around.

My biggest breakthrough came when I joined the debian-users and debian-doc
listserv and was able to ask a few questions.  Then I reinstalled one time
too many and ended up with root not needing a password.  I fixed that last
night and am off to setup ppp.  I am trying to build a chat script but that
is painful going for many reasons.

Also, I am coming from Win95 and could not find any tool that let me mount
the Debian install cd-roms and look into the tar.gz documents from inside
Explorer.  I think a document targeted to those making the Win95 to
GNU/Linux transition would have been helpful.  Especially one that explains
how to find the documentation that exists.  I am still looking for that one
HTML document, on the Install cd-rom, that opens the entire documentation
set to my Win95 Netscape browser.  I am hopelessly addicted to several
Win95 products so I have a long ways to go.  I somehow believe that merely
chronicling my transition from Win95 to GNU/Linux might be helpful.  The
journey from the end of the Install doc to full productivity is arduous.  I
have a thousand questions and about three answers so I AM making progress.

>BTW, do you speak any non-English languages?

No.  I took French and Russian in high school but have not used them for

Speaking of languages brings up a quandary for me.  I can use the Win95
tools pretty well but I simply don't want to invest another minute in
learning how to do SGML under Win95.  Is it possible that I can publish
HTML documents for people to review and worry about getting them to SGML
once I have finished the transition to GNU/Linux.  I suspect many potential
volunteers are in the same predicament as I am.

Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to finding ways to be helpful. 
Copyright(c) 1998 Lyno Sullivan; this work is free and may be
copied, modified and distributed under the GNU Library General
Public License (LGPL) <http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lgpl.html> and
it comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY;  mailto:lls@freedomain.org

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