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Re: Commercial .debs

Clint Guillot <clint@xenir.com> wrote:
> ... abstraction layer to future proof these commercial packages...
> Let's just make sure that we provide all the functionality that such
> a package could possibly need, lest we end up with windows-esque 'os
> workarounds' where packages become broken because they went around our
> abstraction layer because we didn't support something they needed...

It's not possible to anticipate every perceived need.  We just need to
make it clear that if they need anything to exist outside their slice
of opt that we have to provide the interface for it, or it *will* break.

In other words, if they have a need which we don't address then they
need to talk to us (and/or supply a suggested implementation of the
interface they need as a clean upgrade to "install-opt").

I don't think that it's outrageous to ask that they contact us if they
have some special need.  [On the other hand, this *is* a good area
for Debian and Red Hat, and whoever else wants to contribute, to put
together a working group to address the quality of the final design.
Once we have the basic issues fleshed out, I think we should take this
to a larger audience for extra polish.  But for that to work we'd need
someone to be the lead developer on this (or no one will be able to sort
through everyone's ideas to pick out the critical issues).]


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