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Y2K info- might be useful

Thought this might be useful info for Craig et al.


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"Tak" == Tak  <takacs@netscape.com> writes:

  Tak> Kevin Dunstan wrote:
  >> I have been trying to find information about fvwm and whether it is Year
  >> 2000 compliant but could find nothing on the web pages or the FAQ.

  Tak> In case it HASN'T been done, here's some pointers to neat tools and
  Tak> test planning guides.

  Tak> test planning and info: http://www.year2000.com/archive/testing.html

Here I found the following:

	A Y2K Compliance Definition 

    1.For all dates in storage, the century is unambiguous.

    2.All operations give consistent results whether dates in the data, or 
      current system date, are before or after the millennial New Year's Eve.

    3.February 29, 2000 is properly recognized as a leap day. 

    4.All dates are properly and unambiguously recognized and presented on
      input and output interfaces (screens, reports, files, etc.).

I found fvwm, fvwm2 to be "Y2K Compliant" by the above as:

1. Yes. Whatever. No storage of dates. Only X timestamps, which cannot be
related to dates.

2. Yes. The same features and bugs will work correctly as designed. fvwm2
won't even know it's New Year's Eve, much less millennial.

3. ...And correctly handled with extreme indifference.

4. Never saw problems with dates in screens, reports, or files used, or
generated by, fvwm/fvwm2. On second thought, I never saw dates in screens,
reports, or files used, or generated by, fvwm/fvwm2. Don't even think it's
possible. Fvwm is appallingly impervious to dates, in fact.


I hereby certificate the Y2K Compliance of FVWM and FVWM2.

Tell them I said so.

Now, could we please consider this "Fvwm & Year 2000" affair closed?

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