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Re: Commercial .debs


Not too ugly at all, in fact, I've been thinking along those lines...  This is a
wonderful abstraction layer to future proof these commercial packages...  Let's just
make sure that we provide all the functionality that such a package could possibly
need, lest we end up with windows-esque 'os workarounds' where packages become
broken because they went around our abstraction layer because we didn't support
something they needed...

>         install-opt man /opt/$wherever/man
>         install-opt cron daily /opt/$wherever/$cronscript
>         install-opt init 3 S --after nfs K --before nfs /opt/$wherever/$rcscript
>         install-opt sharedlib /opt/$wherever/*.so.$a.$b.$c
> etc.
> Or maybe this concept of install-opt is just too ugly to stomach, which

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