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Development version not on web page?

Tapio Lehtonen
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Subject: Development version not on web page?
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I have been wondering why the Debian System Administrator's manual is
not visible as development version in

All the other manuals seem to be there. Did I do something wrong in
committing my changes to the CVS repository? I can compile the system
administtrators manual on my own computer, and I have tried to check
cvs status so that the same files are in the repository. 

I have also tried to check the results of the last build on the DDP
server, from http://www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp/last.build.results,
but that just gives me (In Netscape 4.5) dialog box with "ex/vi: Vi's
standard input and output must be a terminal". I suppose that the
.results is interpreted as file type. 

I did manage to read the last results with lynx, but I did not see
anything that would indicate an error in system administrator -manual, 
except this:

rm -f
install -d -m 755
install -m 644 --preserve-timestamps system-administrator.html/*.html

install: system-administrator.html/*.html: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [publish] Error 1

But this seems to mean *.html files are removed, and then later they
are not there. I don't have a clue as to why the make fails to
generate the *.html files on DDP server. 

Tapio Lehtonen

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