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Re: Debian Documentation: Debian Dictionary

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
  >In article <[🔎] 19981115135857.N28492@kitenet.net>, Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>
      > writes:
  >> And here are some more:
  >> debian-only (ie, a debian-only package) epoch NMU orphan{,ed,ing}
  >> distribution (ie, main, non-free, etc) main non-free non-us contrib
  >> WNPP master rex bo hamm slink potato sid base stable unstable frozen
  >> experimental BTS maintonly
  >Oliver, you getting all this?
I am

  >Don't forget:
  >pristine source
  >archive ( == Debian archive)
  >distribution (qua debian distribution proper, i.e., slink/main)
  >section, subsection (see the Developer's Reference for these and other
  >  archive specific terms)
Thanks for the ideas, but I haven't got time to write all these up!
Please concentrate on the method for getting the dictionary written,
before we worry about the content!  That includes finding some
eager volunteer to put it together.

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