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Re: doc directory of the web pages

"James" == James A Treacy <treacy@debian.org> writes:
> [sorry to those who receive this twice. I messed up the address for
> debian-doc before] Since the people on debian-doc have given a fair
> amount of thought to the whole subject of documentation, it would
> make a lot of sense if they at least helped organize the doc
> directory of the web pages.  With a structure given by the people
> who write the documentation it is easier to make links between
> documents.

> No one from debian-doc needs to actually manage this directory.  The
> web people are willing to do that. We just need guidance as to what
> documents should be provided, the relative location in the doc
> directory to put them, and from where documents should be retrieved.

Can you give us an abstract of what is to be in the 'doc' directory?
I assume we want basically what is there now, but more of it.

I also would assume that LDP links would be a good idea....

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