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Re: Indefinite leave from Debian.

As a debian newbie, I want to thank you for the effort you have
put into debian.  I believe your past work will be continue to be
a part of the ongoing debian project, even if you are not present
to nurture it.  It will be nurtured by others. I think this
should be pleasant for you to contemplate.

I hope to run across you in some debian future day.


	 I've been putting off this mail for a while, and I have no excuse for letting 
	 tasks go unattended so long, but I've been trying to pull myself back into 
	 Debian mode.  After ALS, I became very enthusiastic again, and was going to 
	 get into swing of things, but apparently it just does not work.  Not with 
	 my consciousness telling me that if I do get involved with Debian stuff as I
	 used to, my grades will suffer (and boy, did they suffer last year...).  Not
	 with my newly rediscovered love of classical music and theater (am I trying 
	 to get a life? nope, just a different kind of "no life" scenario).  

	 I feel very sad for leaving Debian even if temporarily.  Debian has taught me 
	 an amazing number of things about life, software, project management and 
	 numerous other things I won't recount now.  It forced me to learn programming
	 for real, it provided me with my first 2 real jobs, which will probably lead
	 me into a decent career in the future. 

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