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Re: documentation which is now officially listed as 'stalled'

In article <[🔎] 87n25e19fq.fsf@flevonet.nl>, Ardo van Rangelrooij <avrangel@flevonet.nl> writes:
> Adam Di Carlo <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:
>> In article <[🔎] 87ww4xuj62.fsf@flevonet.nl>, Ardo van Rangelrooij
>> <avrangel@flevonet.nl> writes:
> [snip]
>> > I'm not sure I agree the guidelines should be incorporated.
>> These > have nothing to do with the debiandoc-sgml itself, but more
>> with how > the documentation should be written (for instance, using
>> > debiandoc-sgml).  If we switch to another DTD and/or set of
>> tools, > the guidelines should still be applicable.
>> Good point... we need a maintainer.

> Why don't we follow the same approach as with the Debian Policy
> Manual, i.e. a team of maintainers?

Ugh!  Perhaps.  Debian Policy has a whole process in place.  I don't
think we need that.  I think we just need a two-pager document
(Oliver!) with guidelines.  Oliver's CVS page already does much of the
work.  We just need to extend/sgml'ify that and we're good.  Also see
recent conversations between me and Jay.

> Talking about architecture: How are things in the Debian Meta
> Documentation Data world?

Ugh!  Maybe if I lived in the Netherlands I would have the time to get
it done.  Seriously, I'm getting seriously pumped about it recently;
I've also started coding.  However, I have to have to get the
Installation Manual in shape, which is top priority.  So until that is
done there's not much time for me.

Marcus was coming back into it, too.

>> If you want to do this, that would be great.  If it's going to slow
>> you down, don't bother.  I'd be happy to help with the initial
>> import of the data, or moving it from cvs area to another if you
>> use cvs locally.

> It's no problem to keep the DDP CVS instance up to date.  It'll just
> be another upload.

You mean another download (of the document sources into the
debiandoc-sgml pacakge area) ?

Would it be easier to split the source packages, so that you have the
DTD and formatting system on the one hand, and the markup manual in a
separate package?  Then you could maintain the whole markup manual
source package out of DDP CVS (which is what I do for the developer's
reference).  I know this creates another package...

If not, it *is* pretty easy to *export* the current debiandoc SGML
manual and then plop it into your debiandoc-sgml source pacakge

>  It would be great if you could do the initial
> import.  And yes, I have all the package sources locally under CVS
> (of course).  So, how do we proceed?  I didn't quite understand the
> part of moving the CVS area.

Hmmm.  What I would really need is just a tarball of the relevant
material.  Let me take a look at your source pkg....  Hmm.  I guess
we'd just want debiandoc-sgml.sgml and then whip up a makefile for it
too (see other areas of the DDP cvs area for info).  If you wanted the
CVS history of debiandoc-sgml.sgml preserved, we could copy your
current debiandoc-sgml.sgml,v file into the right dir of the cvs area;
otherwise we just import it.

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