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Re: debiandoc-sgml code reformatted - why ?


I will reply in more detail to your second message later (tomottow)
but first I would like to ask you why you didn't take your issues up
with me privately.  Apparently you thought it being more effective to
go public with this.  I'm also quite disturbed by the rather abstract
way you refer to me as maintainer.

I expected a more professional attitude from someone who is also the
Debian Project leader and I'm sorry to be disappointed in this.



ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk (Ian Jackson) writes:

> I just wanted to add table support to debiandoc-sgml, and I find that
> the code in spec-* has been reformatted (ie, the code layout has
> changed, without - I presume - the meaning having changed).
> Now, I know that I gave the package away, but it doesn't seem to me
> that the changes that have been made since then required everything to
> be reformatted.  In fact, I think it's rather rude.
> It's certainly unwise.  Supposing I hadn't bothered to get the latest
> source ?  I might have sent you a patch against 1.0.4 or something,
> which would never have applied.
> Now I have to decide whether I'm sufficiently pissed off to go back to
> the most recent version of my own and use that and send you the patch
> against that anyway, or whether I don't mind the new layout (which is
> of course in my very personal opinion horrible).
> The more general point here is that you should not change the layout
> or organisation of someone else's code unless you have a good reason.
> Ian.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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