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Re: Debian New Maintainer Guide 0.1

>> I would like to publicly apologize to Josip and then move on.  I
>> reviewed his article and recommended that he change "guy" to
>> "person".
>> I merely wanted to mention that women who read Debian documents
>> might be upset by being refered to as "guy".  Josip is not the only
>> debian-docs person who has done this so I thought I should mention
>> it in public.
>Geeze, has it come to this?
>I think's is perfectly reasonable to point out that "guy" might not be
>the best form of address in documentation -- that seems self-evident
>to me.

I reallly think that too much attention has been raised about ONE
mentioning (just grepped :) of the word 'guy'.

Can we just stop talking about language quirks - just report them, I will
fix them. End of the story, okay?

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