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Re: translations of documentation

Craig Brozefsky <craig@onshore.com> wrote:
> SP supports this and it would even make the building of our parser
> interface and tree comparison code easier. I didn't want to introduce
> Formal Architectures, because I wanted to keep the complexity down,
> but I think that if we do statically define wether an element is
> always floating or structural we severely limit the usefullness.

Can you talk a bit about the nature of this limitation?  I just don't
see it as that big of an issue.

> Correct, but the creator of the master document cannot assume that
> his assumption about the relation of the text to the paragraph is the
> same across all languages being targeted for translation. For all he
> knows a vertical layout is used for some language, and tables and
> images are printed in a seperate column to the side. So the previous
> proposal would have required him to make P and TABLE floating for the
> entire document. This example is a bit of a stretch, but I'm hungry
> and unimaginative at the moment.

I don't buy this [yet]:  If the layout is that different you can't rely on
the document structure being the same, either.  Anyways, Debian documents
tend to have a rather straight-forward structure without a lot of fancy
layout -- we have a practical need to support a variety of media, and
you just shoot yourself in the foot if you try to get overly elaborate
about this.

In my opinion, this is a portability issue, and you can't sanely tackle
portability issues without real examples of the issues.



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