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2.1.2 boot disk typos 2.1.2 cardmgr problem 2.1.3 and kernel 2.0.36 [Arto Astala <>] Re: Warning about paritioning issues (was Re: Bug#28652: not a bug) Boot disks and PnP Re: boot-floppies for RAID, and 1.74 Mo rescue disk Bug#12122: marked as done (floppy creating problem ) Bug#12388: marked as done (Rescue/Install) Bug#13268: boot-floppies bug: needs reset for install Bug 18271 Bug#25003: marked as done (Installing Debian 2.0 fails with massive libc5-libc6 conflicts.) Bug#25101: marked as done (missing sdc dependency) Bug#25102: marked as done (localfiles target fails) Bug#25375: marked as done (boot-floppies: [ Choose the DNS ] dialog overhangs to the right, fouling later displays) Bug#26200: marked as done (libnet-perl-1.0605: no postinst in package ) Bug#26584: marked as done (lomem install doesn't activate swap) Bug#26678: marked as done (Hamm install: can't extract base files) Bug#27359: marked as done (profiles uses emacs20 while overrides uses emacs19 as standard) Bug#27422: marked as done (Lowmem installation package does not install) Bug#27781: marked as done (install) Bug#28942: marked as done (boot-floppies: Missing dependencies) Bug#29191: marked as done (busybox "star" command incompatible with cpio) Bug#29438: marked as done (boot-floppies: boot-floppies is missing package dependence information) Bug#29783: marked as done (fsp and ftp relationship (was Re: FSP PACKAGE SECURITY HOLE)) Bug#29851: rescue disk asks for rootdisk, complains about bad root filesystem Re: Bug#30587: Boot-floppies 2.1.2 broken Bug#30587: marked as done (Boot-floppies 2.1.2 broken) Bug#30758: boot-floppies: Install of base system (2.1.2 4 Dec) loops the install procedure Bug#30758: marked as done (boot-floppies: Install of base system (2.1.2 4 Dec) loops the install procedure) Bug#30759: Status check Bug#30763: bootdisk 2.1.2-1998-12-4 has only hda(x) and hdb(x) Bug#30763: marked as done (bootdisk 2.1.2-1998-12-4 has only hda(x) and hdb(x) ) Bug#30778: Boot-floppies missing SCSI entries Bug#30778: marked as done (Boot-floppies missing SCSI entries) Bug#30780: Boot floppy support for LS/120? Bug#30861: marked as done (Cannot initialize partition during install) Bug#30918: boot-floppies: choosing keyboard layout doesn not set it Bug#30959: Obsolete boot-floppies dependency and a suggestion Bug#30960: boot-floppies depends dosfstools Bug#30960: marked as done (boot-floppies depends dosfstools) Bug#30983: Experimental driver modules Bug#30984: Compaq 120MB floppy support Bug#31099: (no subject) Bug#31235: Installation does not keep keymap Bug#31240: boot-floppies: cant install with nfsroot Bug#31280: Keytables not loaded Re: Bug#31329: mbr: bootable floppy! comments on Debian Alpha HOWTO Croatian translations missing in boot-floppies 2.1.2 Re: CVS update: boot-floppies Re: CVS update: boot-floppies/utilities/busybox Re: CVS updated CVS updated again Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies delaunay Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies jrv Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies lupus Debian Boot Floppies CVS: . ezanard Debian Boot Floppies CVS: . ezanardi Re: dselect tutorial Installation Program Suggestion Re: Install From DOS Partition Not Supported In Slink ?? Jay Estabrook's Table of Supported Alpha Systems kernel 2.0.35 sucks with AIC7xxx cards list of supported hardware in kernel-image? mac boot, alpha boot floppies New "Chinese" task for the boot-disk Re: New version of master2files Observations on installing other Linux distribs Re: pkgsel preselections, help needed... Re: Problems building docs Problems with boot floppies Processed: Processed: joining bugs under the same page... Processed: Loadlin Installation files -> general installation files Processed: Maintainer unknown / bootp / libgtop0 obsolete Processed: merging... Processed: reassign Processed: Re: Bug#30861: Cannot initialize partition during install Processed: Re: Bug#30959: Obsolete boot-floppies dependency and a suggestion Processed: Re: Bug#30983: Experimental driver modules Processed: Re: Bug#31265: bug Processed: Re: Bug#31329: mbr: bootable floppy! Processed: Regular reassignments Processed: retitle... Processed: severities... readme.txt in resc1440 Re: Status of Slink table of supported Alpha systems Testing of 2.1.2-release candidate (Was: CVS updated again Re: translating Debian Installation Manual to Croatian Uploaded boot-floppies 2.1.3 to erlangen Uploaded boot-floppies_2.1.4 (i386 all) to master utilities/dinstall/messages/lang_C.h The last update was on 21:54 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 256 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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