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2.1.2 boot disk typos 2.1.2 cardmgr problem 2.1.3 and kernel 2.0.36 [Arto Astala <>] Re: Warning about paritioning issues (was Re: Bug#28652: not a bug) Boot disks and PnP Re: boot-floppies for RAID, and 1.74 Mo rescue disk Bug 18271 Bug#12122: marked as done (floppy creating problem ) Bug#12388: marked as done (Rescue/Install) Bug#13268: boot-floppies bug: needs reset for install Bug#25003: marked as done (Installing Debian 2.0 fails with massive libc5-libc6 conflicts.) Bug#25101: marked as done (missing sdc dependency) Bug#25102: marked as done (localfiles target fails) Bug#25375: marked as done (boot-floppies: [ Choose the DNS ] dialog overhangs to the right, fouling later displays) Bug#26200: marked as done (libnet-perl-1.0605: no postinst in package ) Bug#26584: marked as done (lomem install doesn't activate swap) Bug#26678: marked as done (Hamm install: can't extract base files) Bug#27359: marked as done (profiles uses emacs20 while overrides uses emacs19 as standard) Bug#27422: marked as done (Lowmem installation package does not install) Bug#27781: marked as done (install) Bug#28942: marked as done (boot-floppies: Missing dependencies) Bug#29191: marked as done (busybox "star" command incompatible with cpio) Bug#29438: marked as done (boot-floppies: boot-floppies is missing package dependence information) Bug#29783: marked as done (fsp and ftp relationship (was Re: FSP PACKAGE SECURITY HOLE)) Bug#29851: rescue disk asks for rootdisk, complains about bad root filesystem Re: Bug#30587: Boot-floppies 2.1.2 broken Bug#30587: marked as done (Boot-floppies 2.1.2 broken) Bug#30758: boot-floppies: Install of base system (2.1.2 4 Dec) loops the install procedure Bug#30758: marked as done (boot-floppies: Install of base system (2.1.2 4 Dec) loops the install procedure) Bug#30759: Status check Bug#30763: bootdisk 2.1.2-1998-12-4 has only hda(x) and hdb(x) Bug#30763: marked as done (bootdisk 2.1.2-1998-12-4 has only hda(x) and hdb(x) ) Bug#30778: Boot-floppies missing SCSI entries Bug#30778: marked as done (Boot-floppies missing SCSI entries) Bug#30780: Boot floppy support for LS/120? Bug#30861: marked as done (Cannot initialize partition during install) Bug#30918: boot-floppies: choosing keyboard layout doesn not set it Bug#30959: Obsolete boot-floppies dependency and a suggestion Bug#30960: boot-floppies depends dosfstools Bug#30960: marked as done (boot-floppies depends dosfstools) Bug#30983: Experimental driver modules Bug#30984: Compaq 120MB floppy support Bug#31099: (no subject) Bug#31235: Installation does not keep keymap Bug#31240: boot-floppies: cant install with nfsroot Bug#31280: Keytables not loaded Re: Bug#31329: mbr: bootable floppy! comments on Debian Alpha HOWTO Croatian translations missing in boot-floppies 2.1.2 Re: CVS update: boot-floppies Re: CVS update: boot-floppies/utilities/busybox Re: CVS updated CVS updated again Debian Boot Floppies CVS: . ezanard Debian Boot Floppies CVS: . ezanardi Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies delaunay Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies jrv Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies lupus Re: dselect tutorial Re: Install From DOS Partition Not Supported In Slink ?? Installation Program Suggestion Jay Estabrook's Table of Supported Alpha Systems kernel 2.0.35 sucks with AIC7xxx cards list of supported hardware in kernel-image? mac boot, alpha boot floppies New "Chinese" task for the boot-disk Re: New version of master2files Observations on installing other Linux distribs Re: pkgsel preselections, help needed... Re: Problems building docs Problems with boot floppies Processed: Processed: joining bugs under the same page... Processed: Loadlin Installation files -> general installation files Processed: Maintainer unknown / bootp / libgtop0 obsolete Processed: merging... Processed: Re: Bug#30861: Cannot initialize partition during install Processed: Re: Bug#30959: Obsolete boot-floppies dependency and a suggestion Processed: Re: Bug#30983: Experimental driver modules Processed: Re: Bug#31265: bug Processed: Re: Bug#31329: mbr: bootable floppy! Processed: reassign Processed: Regular reassignments Processed: retitle... Processed: severities... readme.txt in resc1440 Re: Status of Slink table of supported Alpha systems Testing of 2.1.2-release candidate (Was: CVS updated again Re: translating Debian Installation Manual to Croatian Uploaded boot-floppies 2.1.3 to erlangen Uploaded boot-floppies_2.1.4 (i386 all) to master utilities/dinstall/messages/lang_C.h The last update was on 16:07 GMT Wed May 15. There are 256 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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