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Bug#30759: Status check

>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@CS.WM.EDU> writes:

    Brandon> 1) boot floppies a) is that modconf bug that makes you
    Brandon> hit enter going to be fixed?  b) there is an ETA of this
    Brandon> weekend on another build, is that 2.0.26?  c) changes to
    Brandon> lilo will need to be tested when they are made

The newest boot-floppies is in Incoming and uses 2.0.36. :)

    Brandon> 3) rest of the packages a) do we have any show stoppers?
    Brandon> how bad is the release critical list?

Well, the new boot-floppies fixes critical bug #30759. It should be
closed as soon as they are moved out of Incoming.

Most of the grave bugs left are either against KDE or dpkg.. sigh.

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