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Re: New "Chinese" task for the boot-disk

On Tuesday 22 December 1998, at 15 h 1, 
Anthony Fok <foka@ualberta.ca> wrote:

> Could you add a "Chinese" task for the Debian 2.1 boot-floppies? 

Since you send a list of packages to include in it, certainly...

> I do
> not know exactly all the rules in writing the file (e.g. when and how
> to include the "incl. Bas" and [~ ??M] stuff), so please fill in the

They are documented in $BOOT-FLOPPIES/scripts/basedisks/master2files/README. 
At the present time, including a task is painful, since the "master" file 
starts from the packages, not from the tasks. Merging a task description such 
as yours with an existing master is on the TODO list.

> By the way, is there any documentation about those tasks/profiles
> files?  Thanks.

> Chinese environment
> intlfonts-chinese	install
> rxvt-ml	install
> xcin	install
> xfntbig5p-cmex24m	install
> xfonts-base	install
> xfonts-cjk	install
> xlib6g	install
> xpm4g	install

Included (I added a few packages to be sure dependencies are fullfied, the 
check is now automatic), I send a new file to the maintainer in a few hours.


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