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Re: Observations on installing other Linux distribs

Marc Barnett <marc@mtjeff.com> writes:

   > * Then it asked me to select my video card, but I wasn't sure what
   >   kind it was (some sort of Trident though) so I selected Unsupported
   >   VGA compatible and it downloaded & installed the VGA16 server for
   >   me.

   When I installed redhat at home (to use as an attempt to 'upgrade' it to
   debian), it was able to successfully determine the chipset (Which I've since
   forgotton, an ATI 3D Rage card), install the X server and set it up with
   appropriate modes without asking me a single "techie" question

   This impressed me, I admit.

It probably would have been able to pull off this trick if this
machine had a PCI video card, but it's an ISA Trident.  (This is
definitely a cheap machine, I spent <$100 on motherboard + chip +
memory combined.)

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