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Re: dselect tutorial

In message <m0zqTCY-000LJSC@bobspc> you wrote:
>     Is anyone working on an update for the dselect tutorial that
>has traditionally been kept in the disks-i386 directory?  It is
>somewhat out of date.  If no one is working on it, or claims
>ownership, I will try to do something with it next week.  I plan
>to refer to it in the README-upgrade for the 2.1 CD.

Sounds good to me for you to take  it.  If you don't have cvs 
access I can just have it incorporated for you.

>     I would like to see it included in either /install or
>/upgrade on the CD.  If it will stay in the
>debian/dists/stable/main/disks-i386/current/ directory on the CD,
>I can include a symlink to it in the /upgrade directory.  Phil,
>do you see any likelihood of the directory structure changing for

Email <debian-cd@lists.debian.org>, see the list archives.

>     Adam, several weeks ago we discussed the possibility of
>incorporating the upgrade README into the Installation Manual.  I
>now think this would be unwise.  The documents are intended for
>two distinct audiences.

Either way.  I wouldn't mind putting the upgrade information in 
as part of the boot-floppies package, just so that it would have
a place to live.  What it needs is a permanent location and maintainer
(i.e., you!).  Alternatively, Bob, I could easily set you up with
a CVS area as part of the DDP project/autobuild system.


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