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Re: Status of Slink

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In message <19981209002940.G18019@finlandia.artis.uni-oldenburg.de> you wrote:
>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> > ASAP.  really ASAP.  We need to be able to provide official cd
>> > images.  We need to be able to give distributors assistence or they
>> > *WILL* screw up the distribution.  We probably don't want that to
>> > happen.
>> Geeze, not to mention testing and documenting the process.
>> BTW, can anyone get me a provisional slink CD, even just a single CD
>> with core packages -- I don't care.  I'm willing to pay.  I need it to
>> help with the Installation Manual and testing.
>Doh, I need help as well...  I took over installmanual-de, doh! 

Is this the German version of the install manual from the boot-floppies

I've done a lot of work on helping to internationalize and multi-platform
that file, but there's more to be done.  I hope to have all major
structural problems done by this weekend's end, after which it's just
a question of correcting here and there, etc.

>what are you going to do with the cd?  You can't depend on it since
>it's subject to change?  Apart from that you should ask netgod.  I
>could write you one if you provide me with a script to create the 
>image, but .de -> .us won't satisfy you...
>You'd better not depend on any particular cdrom until there is something

Well, I was hoping to get the user started.  I'm curious how
the flow is.  I agree it's going to be the last thing in the manual,
if it goes in there at all.  I need to perhaps give *some* instructions
for using the CDROM.  Have instructions that worked for the *official*
CD would perhaps encourage vendors to use the official one rather
than a broken one.

>Btw. you should put the section wrt file requirement for booting
>before discussing several things.  I got some complaints the other
>day and noticed that this section indeed is places somewhat late.

Ok, I'll take that under advisement.

What do y'all think of one big HTML file vs one per chapter?
Is it ok to no have just one big HTML file?  I've got a working copy
using debiandoc which doesn't seem to have the capability of writing
one big HTML file, which seems rather confusing and cumbersome anyway.

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