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Re: CVS update: boot-floppies/utilities/busybox

> > > Log Message:
> > > - use /dev/cuaX instead of /dev/ttySX (for sparc 2.0 kernel)
> >              ^^^^  why?
> The previous kernel I used for sparc (2.0.33) was patched to use /dev/ttySX.
> Since the new one (2.0.35) is not fixed like that, I have had to revert back
> to /dev/cuaX.
> I guess is a sparc specific stuff.  I don't know whether other archs make use
> of /dev/ttySX in the kernel to support serial consoles.  Any hints ?
> BTW, new 2.1 kernel is using a special device for /dev/console, but I need to
> write the code to autodetect it and not to replace /dev/console by a symlink
> to the serial device.

Oh! You need /dev/cuaX only for terminals! In newer kernel cuaX isn't anymore

Yes, /dev/console is a newer one and the /dev/MAKEDEV generates one, depending
on the kernel version. It generates now also the /dev/fb devices for the
framebuffer stuff. 



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