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Bug#30984: Compaq 120MB floppy support

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.1.3

Please could the kernel/modules installer allow for a floppy disk called
/dev/hdc rather than /dev/fd0. Alternatively, could the 'mount from
partition' option allow for the partition to contain the contents of
resc1440.bin, rather than a file called resc1440.bin. 

I can boot my Compaq DeskPro from resc1440.bin with no problem, but I can't
get it to recognise anything on /dev/fd0, and if I mount /dev/hdc onto /mnt,
the installer won't accept it as it's looking for a file called resc1440.bin.

Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com).

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