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Re: Status of Slink

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> [Redirected to debian-boot@lists.debian.org]
> In message <19981209002940.G18019@finlandia.artis.uni-oldenburg.de> you wrote:
> >Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >> > ASAP.  really ASAP.  We need to be able to provide official cd
> >> > images.  We need to be able to give distributors assistence or they
> >> > *WILL* screw up the distribution.  We probably don't want that to
> >> > happen.
> >> 
> >> Geeze, not to mention testing and documenting the process.
> >> 
> >> BTW, can anyone get me a provisional slink CD, even just a single CD
> >> with core packages -- I don't care.  I'm willing to pay.  I need it to
> >> help with the Installation Manual and testing.
> >
> >Doh, I need help as well...  I took over installmanual-de, doh! 
> Is this the German version of the install manual from the boot-floppies
> package?

Yes.  Although I don't know how far it has been diverged from the
original.  I have to cover at least two custom set of cds - this
hasn't been done yet, though.

> I've done a lot of work on helping to internationalize and multi-platform
> that file, but there's more to be done.  I hope to have all major
> structural problems done by this weekend's end, after which it's just
> a question of correcting here and there, etc.


> What do y'all think of one big HTML file vs one per chapter?

That's just a matter of debiandoc-sgml.  I don't care as long as
the .text version results in one single file.

> Is it ok to no have just one big HTML file?  I've got a working copy
> using debiandoc which doesn't seem to have the capability of writing
> one big HTML file, which seems rather confusing and cumbersome anyway.

I always saw sgml be broken up into sections of html files.  I guess
that's fine.



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