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Re: comments on Debian Alpha HOWTO


On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> alpha_arches:= avanti xl xlt cabriolet eb66 eb66p eb64p eb164 pc164 \
>       lx164 sx164 jensen noname takara mikasa noritake alcor \
>       miata miata-s sable sable-g book1 ruffian
> These are the names of the sub-architectures which are used to build
> the boot disks.  However, I'm having a hard time matching up *some*
> of them with the architectures you list... could you help me make
> the connections?

I have just acquired a Multia and it took me some RTFM'ing before I found
(IIRC in the debian-alpha archive) that I have to use the "noname" disks
for this subarchitecture.

Would it be possible to provide images with the label "multia" or at least
symlink those to noname?  AFAIK the multia's are one of the most
widespread alphas.



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