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Re: Installation Program Suggestion

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.96L.981210002657.8013H-100000@unix49.andrew.cmu.edu>, Paul Komarek <komarek@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:
> I keep seeing people comment on the RedHat install process.
> Personally, I savor text-mode apps because I'm old fashioned and
> like the simplicity (funny, I'm only 25 years old).  Anyway,
> Netscape's Gecko release (skinny browser, fits on a floppy) makes my
> idea more feasible.

Why gecko rather than lynx?  It can hardly be considered smaller or
more stable, I'll warrant.

> So here's the idea.  Make the installation html-based.

The problem with HTML-based installation is the following: there is no
way, without doing something nasty, of running logic on the local
machine.  "Something nasty" would include a little web server off the
installation system, or doing logic as ECMAScript.

I just don't see the benefit, especially since when the installation
system (dbootstrap, name under contention) is running, we're booting
off the rescue disk and there is no network connectivity.  So HTML
links don't do you any good.

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