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2.1.2 boot disk typos

A Toshiba 430CDT laptop with 32MB RAM and Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet/modem.
Installing from resc and drv floppies, with base available over NFS.

Assorted typos:

When choosing modules, the message "Please wait while modules are" appears.

Some of the IP modules' names are missing.

new_tunnel is in with the net modules, but tunnel is in IP.

binfmt_aout should talk about a.out not A.OUT

hpfs should talk about OS/2 rather than Microsoft

On the PCMCIA option screens, we get "PCMCIA controller option you'll need
add" and "Some systems, the BIOS puts".

On the Network connection screen, a ! appears on a line by itself

After telling it to search for base2_1.tgz, a dialogue box appears with the
title "Please select the directory that you will use to install %s" and I
have to choose List again.

On the message about making the boot floppy, the line breaks are poor.

Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com).

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