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2.1.2 cardmgr problem

A Toshiba 430CDT laptop with 32MB RAM and Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet/modem.
Installing from 2.1.2 resc and drv floppies, with base available over NFS.

When configuring the network (using PCMCIA) I see messages about sed, fgrep
and fuser not being found when it is doing a ./network stop eth0. All goes
well though.

When I tried to install base2_1.tgz over NFS, however, it stops when it tries
to unpack /target/sbin/cardmgr. I get the message "cardmgr: Text" but the
rest was hidden by the "There was a problem installing the Base System"
dialogue box. No files after cardmgr in base2_1.tgz get unpacked.

So, I renamed the cardmgr in /target/sbin/cardmgr to cardmgr.old. Now the
installation goes happily.

I suspect the cardmgr running my PCMCIA is the one in /target, which cannot
then be overwritten by the base system - Text file busy.

Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com).

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