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[no subject] apt-get upgrade and linux-image Archive Corporation 2150s booting a sunblade 100 Bttv and SPARC Re: Bug#334609: Installation Report: Sunblade 150 netboot - SUCCEDEED! build of mlton Re: Re: Configuring X on ultrasparc with ATI 3D Rage Pro 215GP. debian boot problem on sun ultra 60 Debian SPARC Port Site Inaccuracy Drivers socal on E3500 Experimental 2.6.13 packages are available for testing Experimental 2.6.14-rc5 kernel packages available External SCSI disks with SS20 Re: How to edit the boot.img Re: Installation Report: Sunblade 150 daily D-I 2005-10-18 netboot is there any need for donated sparc servers? Kernel 2.6 on Ultra2 (was: STOP-A on serial line) Re[7]: Лексика Маркетинга Переговоров Продаж Финансы другое для всех - ЭТО ЖИЗНЬ! chastuju Re[5]: Наша цель научить всю Россию еще ближе! МЫШЛЕНИЕ ПРОИЗНОШЕНИЕ СТИЛЬ РЕЧИ razlichnaja Re[7]: my prog PC Soundcard under Debian/Sparc please review alsaconf patch Problem installin debian in a sun v100 Problems when cp/mv large numbers of files/time:...alloc_streaming_cluster...failed Problems when creating a large numbers of files/time: ...alloc_streaming_cluster...failed Question on gcc-3.3 sources RAID-1 Raptor gfx Re: Re: Retail Services Customer Care Message Confirmation (KMM11697966V95183L Ross boot prom chip wanted Saving Sparc fopr Etch saving sparc for etch requalification Sparc64 U60: no iptables SPARC D-I Daily build Sparc requalification for Etch Re: SS20: SMP trouble... STOP-A on serial line Sun monitors (UK) [ASAP] testing security status [Ticket#: 2005102610006355] RE: Hi troubleshooting file corruption problem Trovato virus nel messaggio "Mail Delivery (failure" Tr: Re: Raptor gfx Type5 keyboard with kernel version 2.6.x U60: no iptables Unable to open an intial console which keyboard to use The last update was on 20:04 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 141 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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