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Re: U60: no iptables

>How can I get the copy of the trace without handwriting ?

You can use a serial console for that, with another machine connected to the serial port of your u60, with minicom/hyperterminal/tip
Sun machines handle that quite well.
See http://www.obsolyte.com/sunFAQ/serial/ ( amongst others )

Sébastien Bernard a écrit :

Hi there.

Being the owner of a two-way U60, I've been happy with it until

The machine is a 2x300Mhz Uii with 1536Mb of memory and 2 scsi internal disk.

Since 2.6.12, I'm unfortunately unable to use it as gateway box, since the installation of iptables
cause a OOPS in the ipt_mangle.

I'm unable to send you the trace now because once it happened, it is not written on the files, only on the console.

This oops happens from the 2.6.12.x to the 2.6.13.x - not tried the 2.6.14-rc.
It is related to the iptables subsystem.
It also happen with the official debian kernel (2.6.12-1-smp).

I'll try this week-end to setup early 2.6.12-rcx to check when the problem occured.

I will post the oops as soon as I write it down.
How can I get the copy of the trace without handwriting ?
What is the information relevant in the oops ? (register + stack trace ?)


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