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Re: Saving Sparc fopr Etch

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On Oct 9, 2005, at 10:12 PM, Christian Fromme wrote:

Patrick wrote:

Ok, I keep reading all of the posts about the sparc port being killed
off and all I can say is Noooooooo!  I havent had the time to work on
the sparc port in years, but I think its time I start again...

Sadly, about a year ago, I gave away my sparc2, sparc5, and Ultra5.

If anyone has a spare system gathering dust, let me know what you want
for it, I'd rather find something here than on Ebay...

I'm in detroit and I can go pretty much anywhere in the midwest to
pick it up if necessary.

That's the spirit! :) Unfortunatly I don't have a spare sparc system -
but if I have some spare time in the near future, I want to do some
stuff for the Debian sparc port as well.

As previously told to Frans, I will support sparc port, testing the daily built of etch installer. The only problem is that the sunblade 150 is not mine, so I do not know when it will be unavailable.
Hope to be useful,

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