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Re: External SCSI disks with SS20

Hi all.

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 12:19, Klaus Klein wrote:
> Hartwig Atrops wrote:
> >Hi all.
> >
> >I try to run an external SCSI disk box (3 disks) with a Sparcstation 20
> >(Debian 3.0 Woody, kernel 2.4.18 SMP,  2 x SuperSparc II 75 MHz, no
> >CDROM). Disk array: Sun P/N 595-3769-01, three 2GB disks (one slot is
> > empty), narrow SCSI (50 pin).


> Hi Hartwig,
>  as my first reply was send as a direct mail to you instead to this list
> I'll summarize my answers again in this email to keep the list in the loop.
> it seems that your problem is related to the scan sequence of your SCSI
> drives.

Since my reply to your mail did not go to the list either, here a short 
summary. And something about Solaris I did not mention.

You are right. I modified my silo.conf and inittab - booting from sdd, now it 
works - if I switch on my disk array. 

I am not verry happy with this behaviour. 

Regarding Solaris: In my opinion the default boot disk for Solaris is SCSI ID 
3. I could not check today, as far as I remember I can plug an additional 
SCSI disk with ID 0 to a Solaris machine (Ultra 2) without problems. With 
Linux, this doesn't work.

If this is true, we have different behaviour with Linux and Solaris. I am not 
happy with this ...



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