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Re: Ross boot prom chip wanted


On Wednesday 19 October 2005 07:32, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> Hello,
> I've recently got a Sparcstation 20 (thanks to Blars) which I plan to use
> in an attempt to resurrect the sparc32 support. 

Like to hear that!

> It has multiple Ross
> Hypersparc CPUs, however the boot prom chip is Sun-made. I believe that
> this is the reason why I see various random problems, like "watchdog reset
> interrupt" and unstable SCSI subsystem performance. AFAIK, there is
> special Ross-branded boot prom, which should be used with these CPUs.

Never heard about special Ross proms, but this might explain some problems 
with my Ross 120 dual machine (showing up after inserting the 2nd CPU).

To find out if my problems are Linux or hardware based I bought a Ross dual 
150 equipped Sparcstation 20 at eBay. It arrived two days ago.

I just checked the ROM version: 2.25

What would the special Ross prom report? 2.25 or 2.25r?

My new SS20 seems to be one of the late ones - full size CDROM slot. But that 
is no guarantee that nobody did update the EPPROM with wrong firmware.

I have access to an EPROM programmer, I can read out the chip if that's the 
firmware you need. But you would have to burn it yourself.



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