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is there any need for donated sparc servers?

hey d-a and d-s, and buildd admins,

i'm not sure who to contact about this, or if there's even a need,
but below is a forwarded offer for potentially donating a sun E250,
which might be of help to the sparc porting effort.  also, i might be
able to get my hands on 1-3 sun E450's from other sources, if they would
be helpful as well / instead.

anyway, contact information for the E250 is provided below.  as for
the E450's, contact me privately if there's interest.


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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 10:18:09 -0400
From: Rob Carlson <robcarlson_at_comcast_dot_net@mail.kitchenandassociates.com>
To: plug@lists.phillylinux.org
Subject: [PLUG] Sun E-250

Hi all,

My company has a donation to make to someone, and 
 whoever can give the most noble reason/plea for 
the donation will receive it.  Preferably this 
will go to a school or a charitable institution 
that needs a network server either for educational 
or utilitarian purposes.  We really don't want 
someone to take this just so they could have an 
E250 in their basement-- otherwise _I'd_ have an 
E250 in my basement

We have s Sun E-250 that is no longer in 
production.  2x400Mhz Utrasparc II CPUs, 1gb RAM
4 scsi hard drives (18gb)  2 of which we are not 
sure about, but the 2 that were the root RAID 
volume are fine. Hooks up to a VGA monitor.  It 
also has Network cards, the manual, and 
keyboard/mouse.  I recently did a test install of 
Solaris 10 w/ no issues.

But that's not all--

Also included are 2 Sun PCI cards.  These are 
basically full computers (Celerons) with network 
card included.  One makes a file for disk space 
(kind of like vmware) on the Solaris volume, and 
one can install any OS that would could run on a 
celeron from inside X.  With 2 of these you could 
build  Citrix server farm on one box, or whatever.

The other catch (other than having a noble 
purpose) is that you have to pick it up.  We are 
talking about 120 lbs here.  (I'll help you get it 
outside to your vehicle...)

If you are interested and have said noble purpose, 
write to < rcarlson at kitchenandassociates dot 
com > with E-250 in the subject line.  (Don't 
write to my reply address.)  We'll make a decision 
within 2 weeks, less time if a good purpose arises.



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