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Re: debian boot problem on sun ultra 60

Is this up to date ?

Frans Pop a écrit :

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 09:05, Guy Thomas wrote:
However, when the machine was rebooted after the installation, I got
the following error when I used the 2.6 boot image:
"Fast Instruction Access MMU Miss"

When I used the 2.4 image, I got a similar error:
"Fast Data Access MMU Miss". In fact, in this case the boot procedure
just hangs and I get the message when I press Stop+A.

I'm getting very tired of seeing these all over the place (especially in installation reports). Is there anybody who can and is willing to really investigate this and get a solution into either the kernel or silo?

If there is nobody, I think release managers are probably correct and the sparc port is effectively dead and we all should stop wasting our time on it.


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