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Re: STOP-A on serial line

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 07:18:59PM +0200, Hartwig Atrops wrote:
> > The BREAK key.
> That was my first idea. But I can't find a break key on the DEC keyboard.
> > Or in some cases, turn the terminal off and then back
> > on (my Netra X1 is sensitive to this -- I have to drop to the LOM
> Does not help :-( Still tries to boot via network.

If you're good with wires, you can try this: briefly ground the TX signal. 
A break in rs232 is sent by holding the signal low from start bit through
when the high stop bit would be expected.

You have to ground the signal going into the inverter chip and not the signal
on the wire, which is at 12V and inverted. The inverter chip is usually a
small Maxim brand part. Google for its pinout and use a volt meter to trace
the wiring.

 Nicolas Dade

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