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Re: PC Soundcard under Debian/Sparc


Stefan Steimann wrote:
> I got a Sun Enterprise 450 an want to install a sound option in this
> machine ;)
> The original soundoption is very rare, so I decided to install a
> standard pc soundcard (Creative SB Live! or something similar).
> Question: Has the Sparc Distribution of Debian proper drivers or ist
> there any solution  to get a pc soundcard running under Debian/Sparc?

In my SunBlade 1000 (UltraSparc III), I've got a Creative SoundBlaster
PCI64 running, driven by the ALSA driver snd-ens1371 shipped with the
Debian standard kernel. Since snd-emu10k1 (for SB Live!) is included by
default as well, I don't expect big problems here.


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