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Kernel 2.6 on Ultra2 (was: STOP-A on serial line)

Hi all.

STOP-A problem solved, I just install Debian Sarge via serial terminal. The 
base system works, reboot was ok, now the additional tasks are being 
installed. Back at 9600 Baud - that's how I started years ago :-)

System: Ultra2, single 168 MHz CPU, 256 MB Ram, no graphics/keyboard. Network 
is ok, so I will be able to ssh. Additional HVD-SCSI-Controller.

I want to use the system as a file server. I want to attach my storage array 
(HVD), this means I need RAID and LVM support.

I want to do this with a custom kernel configured by me (no modules - I know 
which hardware to support). Up to now I stick to the 2.4 kernel on my various 
machines, I would like to give 2.6 a chance.

What to use? Vanilla kernel from kernel.org? That's what I did with 2.4. 
Debian source package? No experience yet, which packages do I need? I would 
prefere to start with the vanilla kernel.

As fare as I know Sarge comes with gcc etc. sufficient for kernel 2.6?



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