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Re: saving sparc for etch requalification

-->"Chris" == Chris Newport <crn@netunix.com> writes:

  >> If the instability affects a 300 Mhz UII module (typically in an
  >> U10 or an U5), then it might very well be faulty hardware. A lot
  >> of modules fitting that description suffered serious cache
  >> problems ; the symptoms were transient uncorrectable failure in
  >> the L2 cache, resulting in a kernel panic.

  Chris> The Ecache problems only affected 400MHz Ultrasparc II
  Chris> modules as used in Enterprise systems.  300 MHz modules were
  Chris> not affected. UltrasparcIIi modules as used in the Ultra 5/10
  Chris> were not affected.

We had large numbers of U10s installed on desktops in my previous

We didn't use the 300MHz CPUs, found the 333MHz CPU modules to be
stable and the 440MHz were good for about a year of 24/7 and then
they'd start to fail.



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