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Re: SS20: SMP trouble...

Am Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2005 14:52 schrieb Shawn Boyette:
> On 10/27/05, Marco Gaiarin <gaio@sv.lnf.it> wrote:
> > They are not the same (different part number, different placement of
> > some passive components, ...) but hold the same TI CPU and are both
> > recognized by the system as 390Z50[1].
> IIRC, the 50MHz modules for the SS20 are not SMP-safe|capable due to
> the lack of on-board L2 cache. Or maybe it was the Blackbird MMU that
> came with the 2M L2 cache which is standard on all the faster CPU
> modules. Either way, it doesn't work.

I had several (now two) 50MHz 0MB-Cache Modules like described above, here, in 
a SS20 clone with PROM 2.22. Those worked with SMP-kernel in both Debian 
Woody and Sarge, and with a Solaris 8 installation (yes, both CPUs were 
Still very slow, though, but stable for some hours. I ran X with Solaris but 
not with Debian.


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