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Re: please review alsaconf patch

Hi Martin,

you wrote:
> I created the patch below to make alsaconf work with the DBRI and
> CS4231 chips. But I'm not sure if this will work for the AMD7930
> chip. The patch tries to find a "SUNW,AMD7930*" directory in this
> case, but I don't know if that exists. Can somebody with an AMD7930
> sound chip confirm/deny this?
> Other feedback (like better approaches) is welcome too. I'll submit
> it to Takashi once the AMD7930 issue is resolved.

I tried with my CS4231 and that didn't work. Loading the module
snd-sun-cs4231 manually works fine.

Maybe the following debug output is of interest:

# /sbin/modprobe -a -l | grep 'snd-sun-'

/proc/openprom# find /proc/openprom -follow -type d -name "SUNW,*"

(On A SunBlade 1000.)

So there's no 'SUNW,CS4231*' which results in the whole patch giving no

Is this problem related to the above


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