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Re: Unable to open an intial console

Dr. Zimmermann a écrit :


For my Ultra5 I'm using a self-compiled kernel 2.6.12(.4)

Trying to update to any version later than 2.6.13-rc3-git4 leads
to the above message (and fails) on bootup.

I've tracked the problem so far that this appears when the kernel
cannot find graphic and text console (/dev/tty1 && /dev/ttyS0).
Since it worked up to 2.6.12.x, I'd be interested in some hints what
could've caused this problem and how to avoid it. (The kernel has
the drivers for disk access compiled-in and does not use an initial

THNX, Roger

You used devfs didn't you ?
Since 2.6.13, devfs is history.
You need to repopulate the /dev/ with common entries.
Mine was completely empty (devfs installation)
Try to :
1- mount / to another place (like /tmp/root)
2- run MAKEDEV inside /tmp/root/dev (which is no more shadowed by any mounted fs)
3- install udev
4- build a initrd with yaird if you use lvm rootfs.
5- reboot


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