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Re: saving sparc for etch requalification

David Arnold wrote:

 Chris> The Ecache problems only affected 400MHz Ultrasparc II
 Chris> modules as used in Enterprise systems.  300 MHz modules were
 Chris> not affected. UltrasparcIIi modules as used in the Ultra 5/10
 Chris> were not affected.

We had large numbers of U10s installed on desktops in my previous

We didn't use the 300MHz CPUs, found the 333MHz CPU modules to be
stable and the 440MHz were good for about a year of 24/7 and then
they'd start to fail.

This is a different issue caused by a bad batch of electrolytic capacitors
on the CPU module leaking and drying out. The culprits are easy to see
by visual inspection and fairly easy to replace.

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