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Re: apt-get upgrade and linux-image

On Tuesday 04 October 2005 13:35, Martín Marqués wrote:
> Now, shouldn the packages name be linux-image-2.6-12-n where n is 6 in
> the version I have installed and 10 in the new version to be upgraded?

No. The -n in the package name is the ABI version and the ABI has not 
changed for this update. The updates you are seeing are just minor tweaks 
in the packaging of the kernel.

> By the way, shouldn't apt be holding back the linux-image packages?

No, why?
If you don't want to upgrade your kernel at that time (probably because 
you don't want to reboot), just answer no and put the package on hold.

If you'd use a frontend like aptitude, you'd have a much better overview 
of what will get installed and holding a package would be very simple.

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