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booting a sunblade 100

Hi All,

Has anyone successfully installed debian on a SunBlade 100?  I've been
trying various netinst images:


I never get to the debian installer itself.  The stable complains of
"cramfs: wrong magic".  The "current" pukes with "Remapping the
kernel... Fast Instruction Access MMU Miss".

I've been googling around, reading the documention, trying everything
I see other people doing.  I've played with various boot params:
ramdisk_size=16000, mem=128m, etc.  I've got a stack of Blades
collecting dust and I'm anxious to get them off Solaris.  Any

Matt Dunford
Unix Systems Administrator
DOE Joint Genome Institute
url:   http://www.jgi.doe.gov
email: madunford@lbl.gov
phone: 925-296-5844

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