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Re: Experimental 2.6.13 packages are available for testing

Jurij Smakov a écrit :

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Sébastien Bernard wrote:

I learned in the hard way that vmlinuz kernel has a size limitation. If the kernel grow too big, the silo isn't able to boot it anymore.
Is this limitation applicable to the initrd.img and/or initramfs ?

To my understanding, the initramfs is linked to the kernel increasing it by the size of the initramfs (several megabytes). Won't the kernel be oversized with the initramfs making its usage irrelevant with the sparc64 architecture ?


I tested the initramfs today.
The usage is quite dumb. Create the cpio file. Use it like the initrd on the boot command line. Full stop.
Work Ok used in this way.
I need to check for the initramfs you link with the kernel.
As erik (author of the yaird) stated, no need to copy the Debian-initrd.cfg to templates.cfg. Do it only if you want to use the old cramfs format. Erik is planning to drop the cramfs format at once.


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